>Nicole and Don Engagement Shoot

>I know, being married myself, that many men really aren’t that much of a fan of the whole engagement shoot prospect, dealing with someone who you barely know who is in your face for upwards of an hour or two telling you to smile…smile wider.. no teeth.. less teeth. What a pain in the butt! Thankfully here at MMP we attempt to make an engagement shoot as painless as possible for everyone involved and will never tell you to smile!

We met up with Nicole and Don, a fantastically compatable couple, at Italian Lake then on to Fort Hunter for a special engagement shoot. Their engagement shoot was gifted on behalf of Jason and Myself and the wonderful husband and wife team, Coleman Videography- Ben and Heather Coleman also of Harrisburg. Coleman Videography was collaborating a Love Story video for the couple along side MMP for still engagement photos!

The end result was nothing short of spectacular, especially from our wonderful friends at Coleman Videography! Nicole and Don had a blast with both teams to the joy of hearing from Don “This was Cool! I can’t wait for you guys to shoot our wedding!”

That my friends.. is what makes this whole business worth everything we put into it!

Please be sure to check out the videography side from Coleman here:
Nicole + Don :: Love Story [&] Melissa McClain Photography :: The Promo


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