>Laura and Brett August 14, 2010

>The bigger the bridal party the better in my opinion. Laura and Brett had 18 members in their bridal party, and where some may think chaos, it was anything but that! Spending time with the girls prior to the ceremony, while performing their getting ready shots, sheds light on the dynamics of the group. Are they friends, do they know each other, should we expect cat fights at the reception? Thankfully that has never happened at one of the weddings we’ve attended:) This is also a minor glimpse into how creative we can be with the bridal party during their creative shots. Laura and Brett’s group were awesome to work with. Everyone was very laid back and excited to be working with us on creating unique images for the newlyweds. Hands down I must give props to that group for being one of the best large wedding parties we’ve every worked with! Congrats Laura and Brett, one of our favorite weddings of the year and another very compatible couple!


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