Breaking ’em In

We’re very pleased to report that the demand for MMP coverage is growing!  Of course Jason and I are ecstatic about this, however we also realized that maybe it’s time to start thinking about expanding and training some additional recruits!

With this decision, we’ve partnered with Scott Bostjancic, our lead associate, and his business Scott Bostjancic Photography.  Scott will be maintaining focus on Portraits and Children, as we continue to pick up speed in the wedding and engagement photography line.  Christin Lopez has been promoted from training associate to lead associate, serving as the lead female photographer on dual wedding shoots.  Megan McPhillips is our newest training associate and has an eye for creativity and a strong desire to reach above and beyond traditional shooting methods.

In addition to our three associates, we’ve brought on two fantastic apprentices who were selected from about 10 wonderful applicants, Heather Casey and Whitney Hart.  Heather has a background in photographing wildlife, particularly birds, and is also involved with the Harrisburg Camera Club.  Whitney, our sole Nikon shooter, but we won’t hold it against her, is starting on the path to portrait shooting, and doing quite the amazing job.  Both ladies are fantastic and we’re all anticipating a great season training and building on everyone’s, including my own, photography skills.  Keep checking back for updates on the team and image progressions!


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