Boom Pow! That’s a Big Ol’ Cloud!

We had quite the rip roaring storm this evening in our neck of the woods to the point that we were booted out of the local coffee shop after a client meeting (nicely of course) due to their need to close up shop to get everyone home safely.  I of course LOVE looking up, as once my grandmother told me to ‘always look up, rather than down so you don’t miss the big beautiful world spinnin’ round’.  Thus began an infatuation with clouds… these big poofy, cotton ball styles are my favorite however that treacherous storm that followed, we could have done without.  Fingers crossed for great weather tomorrow for our first wedding of the weekend with Paul and Shannon and also another nice weather request for Saturday’s wedding with Dave and Sharonda.  Best wishes to both couples for an awesome day filled with love and tremendous pictures!


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