So You Want to Be A Photographer? Really?

I often have to chuckle a bit when I meet people or people contact us about starting their own photography company.  Sure there is fun and adventure, you meet a lot of great people, and some.. well.. we won’t go there, and always have something to do on a Saturday between April and October, but what often is forgotten is the business side of things.  There’s marketing, meetings, final consultations, research, and equipment purchases just to name a few.

This past week has been insane with playing catch up on meetings, consultations, and as one of our team member say “getting the band back together” aka prepping team members for their next gig!  As glamorous I really do feel our job is, it is amazingly exhausting during the busy season!  As not to deter anyone from entering this profession, I actually recommend it, you first and foremost MUST find balance in your life!

If you’re a social butterfly, out every weekend and love a crowd, then potentially event photography might be up your ally.  If you’re a big family person, love kids and spending time with family, then potentially portrait photography is your thing.  If you’re a hopeless romantic (like myself) and love seeing a real life love story every weekend play out, wedding photography might be best.  Regardless of what your path is, time for yourself and those you love should always come first and business a close second, after all, hopefully your clients are like ours, a second set of family or close friends!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch a movie with my wonderful husband:)


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