Dear Blog, it’s the McClain’s…

“Dear Blog, I miss you! I know in terms of etiquette we should be speaking to each other a few times a week rather than the once every two week timeframe we’re rocking out currently! My stigmatism as to why I haven’t stopped by is it takes me forever to choose images to go along with my posts! I love too many! And then there’s time…”

Okay as not to bore you with my dear John letter to our blog, allow me to fill you in on the happenings recently! We’ve been friggin BUSY! Busy is awesome but unfortunately that leaves our pen-pal relationship sitting on the back burner.

So to make amends we’re.. Well I.. am going to aim for a revamp and twist to include you, our twelve fabulous readers, into more details of us! That’d be us Jason and Melissa, us the business, and us the photographers who catch those amazing images I personally just can’t stop looking at! We might talk a little photo tech talk, and I mean a little..that’s the boys area of expertise, ideas for planning, featured vendors you use and we love, and a bit about our crazy life with five insane animals in our house! I hope to always post images when we chat but if the mood strikes and I’m typing on my iPhone (go Mac!) like I am now.. all bets are off:). In closing hang in there, enjoy our crazy ride because baby wedding season is just starting!




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