Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone!

Last year around Thanksgiving, Jas started his gift giving quest and asked the painstaking question of me ‘What would you like for Christmas?’. Ugh! I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong, but I love giving gifts more than receiving them and if I was smart like a fox I’d write these amazing gift ideas down that I think of throughout the year so I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed come Turkey day! So I pondered and answered oddly for him of dance lessons! It’d be something fun for he and I to do and we might be able to score some rhythm for the man who does a wicked Q-tip and Cabbage Patch! (I’m going to get in so much trouble for that one)

So long story short, Christmas came and I received some very lovely gifts and many unexpected treasures but the dance lessons were omitted from Santa’s sack. No worries. I’m a take charge kinda girl so I did my research and emailed a few studios and found Jessie Foster of Jessie’s Dance Studio. In the days following my research I treated Jas to some nice micro brews and dude food and popped the ‘So… About those dance lessons…’ and as the clouds parted and angels appeared (okay I’m being dramatic) we started our dance lessons.

About that comfort zone… I expected we’d look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers by at bare minimum our second lesson. I never expected balance, posture, or music theory would come into play! I also didn’t expect to meet so many amazingly friendly people or that my husband would out-dance me on some styles!

Comfort zone… Insert Jo! Jo is an amazing woman who dances at the studio almost every night of the week, has been dancing for the past 16 years and before that an ice skating princess! Jo met us maybe two times if that before she gave us hugs and complimented us on how we are when we dance. Her comfort level will continue to amaze me on how she dances, how she presents herself, and just plain how she sees other people. How many people do you know that only after meeting twice would give hugs and share with you like you’re family? Or would simply let their guard down without worrying of preconceived notions?

We see this a lot when we first start to work with our clients.. I mean really, who other than a super model (are there even any in central PA?) feels 100% comfortable in front of a camera?! I’ve discussed with many of our clients how I hate having my picture taken! But in consideration the reason, at least for me is my comfort zone. As learned in dance, you have to sometimes get out of your own way to make it happen. How do we capture those amazing and realistic images of our clients- they step out of their comfort zone!

Try feeling comfortable by wearing comfortable.. Not your PJ’s.. But a pair of jeans that you feel confident in or a dress that makes you feel like a rockstar! Try incentives… ‘if I just get through this one thing I’ll…’. Ladies bribe your spouse with ice cream if you need to, you laugh but Jason’s favorite flavor of the moment is teaberry! And lastly, don’t do it alone.. It’s easier to slip out of your comfort zone if you have a hand to hold, or a toe to step on in our case.

After meeting Jo and learning more about her I aspire to be like her when dealing with others. I also hope that everyone gets to meet a Jo in their lifetime:)



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