A Coat of Fresh Paint

I’m a proud maximizer- in terms of Tom Rath’s Strengthsfinder at least.  Which to those who are saying ‘McClain, what the heck are you talking about?’, it’s an online assessment that was a requirement at a previous employer, which of course I rolled my eyes at before actually understanding it’s purpose.  For the quick, quick version, the assessment asks a bazillion questions then tallies up what your top five strengths are in terms of life, work ethic, etc.  It’s great because it brings to light how you best perform and in what scenarios you flourish in versus the ones you struggle in.  Plus the chances of ever meeting someone who has the same top five in the same order is a 1 in 3 million chance! I’m a Behavioral Science grad.. I eat this stuff up!  Anyway.. maximizer’s strive to always think ahead, to develop the great into superb, basically beat a dead horse until it’s ready to run in the Kentucky Derby again.. okay that was a bad idiom but basically perfectionist to the max.  That said, this drives Jason CRAZY!  I over think every little detail and once we’ve completed something big, I’m ready to make tweaks to get it to the next level.  So when I mentioned I wanted to spiffy up the office bathroom, he rolled his eyes and gave me carte blanche to get creative with it!

After our typical $4.00 a minute IKEA venture to grab the necessities, a gallon of the most fresh spring-like green paint, and a sixpack of Dogfish Head 90 minute for Mr. McClain, we unveiled our take on a modern, classy for any bride, office bathroom.  Here’s our final reveal and I promised to wait at least six months before making any changes:)

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