Megan & Derrek Engagement

What’s better than clients who turn into friends?!  Friends who are clients!  This year is going to be exceptional in the number of our personal friends getting married and we’re looking forward to being a part of each one of their weddings.  Derrek and Megan are a bit of an interesting case, not like sci-fi thriller interesting but how they met interesting, although they do own a cat that is a bit peculiar:)  I met Megan at a previous employer almost 5 years (WOW, Meg) ago and Derrek about 1o years ago, as he was one of the first friend approvals when Jason and I first started to see each other.  Over the years Megan and I grew close and Jason and Derrek.. well there’s jokes there on their brother from another mother status.

In an odd turn of events I spoke many times to Megan about if Jason had any single friends, her suitor would be Derrek, he’s a kind gentleman who has a big heart and great personality.  Meanwhile Jason spoke of Megan to Derrek, as one of my single girlfriends, who has equal traits, gorgeous natural red hair, and can get out of any traffic violation in Lower Paxton Township… cha-ching!  Long story short, these two hit it off smashingly well (as Jason and I expected of course) and my very dear best friend will be marrying Jason’s best friend in December.. [Insert Awwwww Here].

The setting for Megan and Derrek’s engagement images naturally fit to set up in the location of where he proposed, Gettysburg National Park on top of the Pennsylvania Monument (Tip- spiral stairs make you dizzy).  We spent a few hours stopping at neat areas in the park and grabbing a gorgeous spring sunset shot or two and of course some funny images to fit both personality and a little something for the memory books:)  Overall a wonderful session with amazing people!  And for those wondering, sorry but Jason and I are hanging up our matchmaking hats… we’ll just photograph them:)

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One thought on “Megan & Derrek Engagement

  1. this makes my heart so very happy to see and read. I am so glad that you were there to help her find her prince. I can’t wait for the fairytale wedding

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