Elyse & Corey 6/15/2013

I try to keep a mental tally of how our couples met and what the most common pattern is- three of our most common are met through a mutual friend, met online (YAY online daters!!), and met in college such as the gorgeous Elyse and Corey did their senior year at good ol’ Bloomsburg U.  From being partners in their Business class to being partners in life, the dynamics this couple shares, along with a super adorable pup named Gunner, are magnetic!  My hands down favorite memory from their wedding day was after the first look when Heather Casey, one of our stellar lead photographers, and I had the chance to capture Elyse & Corey on their walk from the front of the Capitol Building to the back.  It was just a simple candid moment between the two with no distractions so they took in each other through looks, embrace, and overall excitement which gave way to pure emotion that can’t be posed- my personal favorite.  Congratulations Elyse & Corey!  You guys are amazing people and I know you’ll have such a blessed and joyous marriage!

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