Megan & Jason September 1, 2013

One of the perks to our profession is all the great couples we meet and spend the day with.  We learn their personalities, their stories, and share many laughs with them leading up to the wedding day and for some beyond.  The hardest part of what we do is their wedding day.. not the images- that’s the best part.. but it’s usually the last time we’re with the couple until the wee ones come along later in their lives.  I’ll fully admit I think of most clients as friends and try to keep in touch via social media, but knowing we won’t see the couple again for a while makes our drive and passion for perfection that much stronger:)

Megan and Jason are definitely in that friend category as they are two of the sweetest people you’d ever meet.  Jason, a pilot by day, and Megan a medical professional, started their love story in the halls of grade school.  Their on again off again romance was rekindled years ago and their engagement was a celebration by both families and many friends.  During his speech, Jason’s father tearfully shared that he always knew it’d be Megan and the passion between these two definitely was a heartfelt indication.  One of our favorite memories from their day was how personalized they planned out their day, from the stunning gown, to the beautifully handwritten letters exchanged, to the seating arrangements via toy airplanes.  Our warmest wishes and blessings go out to these two on their long and happy marriage:)

Venue: Stocks Manor, Mechanicsburg

Catering: Stocks on 2nd

Entertainment: Ryan Miller Entertainment

Flowers: Sara’s Floral Designs

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