Susie & Gary September 7, 2013

Guest Written by Lead Photographer, Christin Lopez


Susie and Gary had a completely customized plan for their wedding. Whitney and I met up with the couple at Christ Presbyterian Church, which had the neatest little round worship room for their service.  They had finished up the marriage service with the greatest looks of happiness and for us it’s so great to watch a couple celebrate themselves.

This magical moment was followed up by an intimate gathering at Alfred’s Victorian in Middletown.  If you’ve never been, the food here was superb.  Susie’s dad toasted to their love and to his little girl starting their lives together. Susie and Gary planned a menu that covered all tastes and every bit was delicious. The meal was finished off with a house specialty of an ice cream cake that is beyond words… Ok, I have a few. Picture this..  decadent chocolate ice cream, two different sherbets and thinly sliced cake surrounding it all… Delicious! Alfred’s Victorian itself has so many little pockets of charm that we were able to use many as an advantage to our photos as well.

Finishing up the day we headed out for part three-  the back yard party! Susie and Gary both did a splendid job of decorating and setting the tone for this larger soiree. Friends and family gathered to talk the night away as they dined on a roasted pig stuffed with chickens as music played in the background. The trees were lit and there was the most amazing sight in the back of the yard. Susie and Gary are a couple after my own heart, and stomach. Thank you both for sharing your day with us.

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