Jessica & Mike Engagement

Another awesome couple, we met up with Jessica and Mike at Fort Hunter for their engagement images on a beautiful early fall evening.  Within our area, there are a few hard hitting locations that many local photographers choose, Fort Hunter being one of them, so finding unique locations each time we visit can be a challenge.  Prior to our session, we mapped out a unique path that we hadn’t used in the past for other clients.  We truly believe in the uniqueness of each couple and love story aka why choose the exact same poses in the exact same locations as another couple we’ve worked with in the past.

Looking adorable, Jessica wore a gorgeous blue lace dress which complimented Mike’s cool casual style.  During their session, not only did we have a blast, but darn if there wasn’t some sort of resemblance I couldn’t put my finger on.  On the drive home while talking to Jas, we got it!  For those photographers out there.. Jessica’s style, to us, would be a cross if Photographer and Fashionista, Jasmine Star and TV Chef Rachel Ray had a kid sister… spot on:)

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