Ashley & Michael Engagement

Bridal Shows.  If you’ve ever been to one or are considering attending one, it can be either an awesome experience when meeting your perfect vendor or horrifying when stuck talking to a vendor who you know you’re definitely not interested in.  From a photographer perspective it’s a bag of mixed feelings, mostly excitement, depending on the show.  For me, I get so nervous!  If you’ve met us, Jason can speak to anyone (I blame his training back ground) but myself.. I get so excited about what we do.. it just turns to word jumbles when I open my mouth.. until I get into my pattern of speaking.  If you’ve talked to us, you most likely heard me say at a show.. “I’m a photographer, not a sales person” aka I’m the first person to recommend ways for our clients to save money!  Hey, weddings can be expensive:)

We met Ashley and Michael a few months ago at a wedding show and absolutely loved these two!  Their story was just heartwarming and almost something out of a movie to the point that Mr. McClain wrote in their consultation notes to “Blog this Shit”.  One of the things I love the most about this super sweet couple is how darn unique they are!  They pitched us an idea for their engagement session of doing a “D&D” style theme, complete with props and a paper dragon.  With collaboration, the final result was amazing, complete with some Photoshop magic!  I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding next year to create more beautiful and unique images!  Congrats you two!

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