Christen & Shawn January 4, 2014

I’m not sure how other vendors feel about invited wedding guests, however Jason and I love the interactions we have with couple’s family and friends.  Some of the best images I’ve taken are from guests cutting loose and exposing their personalities, as well as just being darn hilarious!  Christen and Shawn had some of the sweetest guests in attendance at their Susquehanna Club wedding.  Shawn’s cousin, who I’d guess was about 7 years old, made my night when she had asked if she could show me something, which was a sliver (more like just a shoulder) of her portrait in an old image from Shawn’s childhood on the couple’s photo collage.  She and I had the discussion that it’d be better of course if her face was in the image to which she specified if the ‘photographer’ moved over a bit more, she’d be in the image.  I almost gave her a job application!

The second funniest moment was a family member of Christen’s, I’m going to assume an Uncle, was divvying out his special brew to the couple’s friends and family.  Later on I heard it was similar to apple moonshine.  Attempting to grab an action shot of the brew being poured into colorful shot glasses, Uncle caught me eying up the drink and politely offered.  This girl rarely drinks anymore and definitely never at a wedding.  After my second ‘Thanks but No’, Uncle hilariously responded “Aww.. come on.. It’ll make your hair all one color”.  Wait until my stylist hears this one:)

Special thanks to Christen and Shawn!  We had such a blast at your wedding and my mass appreciation to braving the cold and snow for some great images!

Venue: St Theresa’s Church/ Susquehanna Club

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