Wedding Pre-Game Tips Most Blogs Forgot to Mention

It seems to come with the ring and proposal.. the god-forsaken checklist of all the things you as a couple need to accomplish before the wedding day arrives. Slightly overwhelming, the checklist can be helpful but also tedious as some sites seem repetitive with the must have essentials… i.e. research photographers, meet photographers, book photographer, pay photographer… um.. we got it!  On a popular site Jason and I still have 102 outstanding and overdue items unchecked, however considering we’re nearing our 6th wedding anniversary in the fall, I think we’re good:)

In the 6 years we’ve been rocking the wedding photography, there are some items that are either missing from the checklist or are so far buried in the massive lists that overlooking can be so easy.  Our thoughts are definitely not a must have X on your check box but good food for thought when coming down the home stretch of wedding planning.


Corsage Magnets- Okay I would SO add this to the must buy before the wedding list, especially if opting for pin corsages over wrist corsages for the special ladies in your lives.  Most mothers or grandmothers wedding fashion choices opt for chiffon, satin, or lace material which pins can bitch up the fabric or end up having a heavy corsage drooping for those family pictures.  The magnets simply wrap around the base of the boutonniere or corsage and have a magnetic backing that holds extremely well.  Probably one of our best personal wedding finds so many years ago and one we rarely see but Mom’s would love.. I promise!

Extra Black Socks- Gals this isn’t necessarily for you however it happens more often than not that one of the gentlemen forget to pack a pair of black socks which channels a flash back to an 80’s music video featuring Michael Jackson.  Although potentially coming back in style, this may not be the look you want in your wedding imagery.  Pack an extra pair and save yourself the trauma:)

Schedule a teeth cleaning- Very few people we meet love going to the dentist but having a cleaning scheduled close to your wedding date will not only freshen up those pearly whites but also make an impact on your wedding images.  Yes we zoom in to fix any blemishes but editing out that plaque or left over vittles from breakfast is sometimes nearly impossible depending on the size of your smile. Will it be seen in the end image.. most likely not, however for those close ups why chance it.  Plus what significant other doesn’t love a fresh clean kiss as their first to their new partner in life?

Make your Social Media Demands-  Every couple has different opinions and feelings on social media sharing.  Modern etiquette has that guest posts and pictures not be posted until the couple does, however this, like tearing into the salad course before you’re even introduced, seems to go out the window and can create a massive media bomb if not prepared.  A few options are to share your preferences with guests to not post images before you’ve kicked off the heels and popped on the dancing shoes, change your settings that others can’t tag/post images without your permission, or just go with the flow and take it as it comes.

Make an Appointment at the Social Security Office- If your local SS office is anything like ours, we highly recommend to make an appointment rather than drop by if choosing to change your name post wedding.  Although entertaining to people watch while you wait, after 45 minutes on a popular day, you may want to start pulling your hair out or rolling in the keg.. which actually may get you through the lines faster?

What are some pre-game tips or tricks that you’d recommend to other couples?



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