10 Wedding Trends Coming Our Way!


Weddings and the trends that shape them are every changing!  Just 10 short years ago mermaid style gowns and Vera Wang were the go to in wedding dresses.  Popular theme colors were chocolate brown with various shades of pastels (normally carnation pink) and don’t even get me started on the disposable cameras on every table (alright… which drunk college friend took a picture of his ass?).

Wedding Wire released their 50 Fresh Ideas for 2015 which is promised to not have been overtaken yet by Pinterest this week which made us drool at some prospects for the year into the next few years!  Here are our 10 of our favorites from the list!

1. Let the Bridesmaids Wear Skirts!  Such an awesome idea!  Shopping might be easier and you could get super creative with colors, styles, and patterns plus the wear again factor is pretty probable!

2. Change up the Bouquet Toss by attaching (or offering the recipient) a gift certificate, piece of jewelry, or lottery tickets and invite all the females out.. not just your single friends!

3. Commemorate Vows with a Beer Ceremony!  Seriously.. with all the micro and craft brews out there (including the local ones such as Troegs, Hershey, and Iron Hill) what groom would say no to this?

4. Make Grandma the Flower Girl!  Especially awesome for both sets of grandmothers to toss the petals together!

5. Throw Sprinkles After the Ceremony (or even after the reception)!  Edible, fun, and photographically awesome!

6. Hold your Ceremony Inside a Covered Bridge!  With the plethora of bridges in our area, this would make for a kick ass ceremony location!

7. Give Favors for Four Legged Friends!  Mix and match tables with both dog and cat treats.  Guest can trade around based off of their fuzzy family members.

8. Snuggle up in a Settee (aka love seat)!  Instead of separate seats for dinner, share a cute settee!  Rentals can be found at one of our favorite local businesses, Swoon Vintage Rental.

9. Serve Everyone a Late Night Snack.  When the bar closes, bring out the comfort foods.. think pizza, sliders or mac and cheese.  Bonus points for rolling up a food truck outside!

10. Offer Guests Champagne Before the Ceremony!  Not only a delicious way to start your celebrations, but an awesome photo op to capture guests clinking glasses at your first kiss!

What are some unique ideas you’re planning for your upcoming wedding?

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