Do This- Personalized Shoes

Welcome to a new Blog series posted every Friday morning called Do This.  Do This is created to be a super quick read, highlighting awesome wedding ideas that you may want to incorporate into your own event!  Got an idea for our Do This readers?  Email me at with your idea! 

11223334_10153785188137259_5472463784636007111_oEvery wedding is personalized but take it one step further by having your attendants write super sweet messages for good luck on the bottom of your shoes!  For a spin, you could also write messages to your soon to be husband or wife or just doodle some hearts, unicorns, or rainbows.  All are awesome and completely acceptable:)

If you’re planning footwear WAY in advance and want a super unique touch that would make any photographer drool check out Figgie Hand Painted Shoes12010530_926183517428577_822339659944737136_oDeborah creates magic on each shoe she hand paints which, for those already married folk reading, she will paint any shoe including your little ones!



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