Do This- Guest Entertainment

‘Do This’ is a biweekly blog series created to be a super quick read, highlighting awesome wedding ideas that you may want to incorporate into your own event!  Got an idea for our Do This readers?  Email me at with your idea! 

Wedding planning is definitely about the couple coming together in marriage, however a huge amount of expense is paid towards guest entertainment.  From the meal to the music to the favors, each couple thinks of how guests will enjoy his/her celebration. Some simple ideas to further guest involvement and enjoyment:

-Photo or Video Booth.  In planning many are choosing a photo booth, however the video booth is a HOT new trend and a ton of fun for guests to create candid memories.  Check out Klock Entertainment for video and unique photo booth options!

-Outdoor Games. Adult size Jenga, Corn-hole (which sounds so dirty), Badminton, or Croquet are all great games for guests to play throughout the night without gaining a beast mode sweat

-Literary Fun.  MadLibs are always fun and a great test to knowing your noun, adverbs, and adjectives.  Crosswords, cribbage, chess or other board games are also great for some after dinner throw downs.

-Kid-centric items. Face painting, Play-doh, or other creative measures are stellar ideas to keep kiddos entertained and parents relaxed.  Many also choose to hire a designated baby sitter for the night (which sounds so sexy as parents of a one year old;-).

What are your favorite guest entertainment ideas?

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