Ooo La La… It’s been the Spring of Boudoir Sessions!


Boudoir sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorite sessions to photograph.  I love how my ladies finish their session feeling empowered, confident and strong!

It’s amazing how many misconceptions are out there regarding boudoir sessions.  No, they’re not trashy images.  No, my ladies are not fully nude or exposing anything they are uncomfortable with.  No, my ladies are not all size 2 and in their spare time, model bikinis.  No, these images are not always intended as a gift for a spouse.

I capture boudoir sessions for women of all shapes and sizes.  For those who love every part of their body to those who hate certain areas.  Boudoir sessions make my clients feel beautiful, both inside and out and the images are proof that my client is a stunning, strong woman.

This spring, between our mini marathon and other sessions booked, I met so many amazing women!  Some who were getting ready to walk the aisle, some who wanted to capture success, and some who just wanted some beautiful images. I don’t post many boudoir images publicly to be conscientious of personal preference but with permission, here are highlights from some of the spring sessions!


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