Alexis and Jared Engagement

Alexis was one of our lucky bridal show giveaway winners from the Weddings In Style show held last year.  When she had contacted us about her ideas for their engagement session we had no doubt we were going to create some fantastic images off of her plans and inspiration!  Alexis and Jared chose to not only celebrate their engagement but their upcoming birthday celebration for their gorgeous Australian Shepherd, Oakley.  Even though we didn’t know much about these two at the beginning of their session, by the end we felt like we had known them for months!  Congratulations again on your engagement and we wish you the very best on your June 2015 wedding!

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Jessica & Derek Engagement

Guest Written by Lead Photographer Christin Lopez:

Whitney and I met up with Jessica and Derek for an intimate moment in the Garlic Poet, the delicious restaurant attached to their wedding venue, the Clarion Hotel.  Right away we fell in love with Jessica’s bubbly personality and Derek’s relaxed nature which led to laughs and good times during their session.  After adventures at the hotel, we head to a small local park with a gorgeous creek, a perfect backdrop for the relaxed couple.  One of my favorite moments was through all the smiles and posing, the couple’s intimacy shone through.  Congratulations Jessica and Derek!  We can’t wait to see you both this summer!

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Sara & Neil Engagement

When couples choose a session location that has personal meaning, capturing the moment is just a bit more special.  Sara and Neil opted to revisit the Royal Sonesta Baltimore where last year Neil popped the question and Sara of course said ‘YES!’.  After capturing a few images at the hotel, we made our way to the hustle and bustle of Inner Harbor for some fun candid images including an impromptu ice cream stop which the couple share an infatuation for:)  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful spring day with an amazing and personable couple.  Congratulations Sara and Neil and we’ll see you in a few months!

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Alicia & Chai’s Engagement

Laughter is not only the best medicine but the best thing for a fantastic session with an awesome couple.  We met up with Alicia and Chai at Mulberry Art Studio for their engagement session with plans of making our way downtown for the final portion of their evening.  Mother nature had other plans, giving central PA a few buckets of rain all weekend!  Alicia, who was also celebrating her birthday, and Chai didn’t let a little foul weather ruin their session and were sharing in smiles and laughter, making for some great images!  We also had special guest and fantastic photographer, Harmony from Philter Photography, join us in capturing the couple’s candid session.  Check out Alicia and Chai’s images below and be sure to leave the couple some love!

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Sarah & Tom’s Engagement

Weather is always a consideration when planning both your wedding and engagement session aka why winter sessions are so rare.  Usually by March we’re pretty safe- things start to green up a bit, the weather starts to warm.. and then we have the unpredictable PA weather and our cold blast seems to dwindle.  Thankfully Sarah and Tom were flexible and open to their brisk end of winter session at Masonic Gardens in Elizabethtown.  Jason and I quickly discovered that not only were Sarah and Tom awesome to work with but damn can these two pose naturally.. but hey.. you be the judge:)  We’ll see these two again in October for their Blue Ridge Country Club wedding.


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Brianna & Travis Engagement

Winter can be tricky weather wise for outdoor engagement sessions, especially this year it seems!  Thankfully we lucked out on a gorgeous sunny, almost warm (keyword almost), day to meet up with Brianna and Travis.  Brianna chose Lititz Springs Park in downtown Lititz for the setting of their engagement session.  The backdrop of the Wilbur Chocolate Factory building and the beautiful duck filled pond were neat touches to bring out a little spring in their session.  We’ll be seeing these two in a few months at their Eden Resort wedding in Lancaster!

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Julie & Peter Engagement

Okay any gal who shows up in Louboutin’s for her engagement session wins serious bonus points from this photographer.  Julie and Peter are both originally from the area but moved out to warm and sunny California (insert jealous here) a few years ago.  Heading back in for the holidays, the couple requested a fun, urban session in Downtown Harrisburg.  I love the natural smiles and candid nature these two put out.  My personal favorite image is one of the last captured of Peter picking Julie up for a very cute, slightly Hollywood kiss shot.  Adorable!  We’ll see these two in June of 2014!

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Christen & Shawn Engagement

I love spunky, fun couples!  When I saw Christen arrive to Ceolta’s for their engagement session, I knew it was going to be a fantastic hour spent with these two!  She’s a fashionista after my own heart, donning a gorgeous blue dress with fun tights and perfect accessories!  With the rustic environment of the empty Irish bar, we were able to play with a little lighting elements to simply make the image “pop”.

After meandering around the bar for a few shots, we bundled up and walked a few blocks around downtown Harrisburg to expand their engagement portfolio with some hip urban images.  Overall an amazing session, despite the brisk December weather!  We’ll be seeing these two in a few short weeks for their January 4, 2014 wedding!

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Pam & Joe Engagement

Pam and Joe definitely had one heck of a unique engagement session with the whole MMP team photographing the event!  Pam is one of our 2013 Apprentices and soon to be hubster, Joe is a headlining DJ for Klock Entertainment. Each year in the Spring and Fall we host team training sessions to work on various elements to strengthen our skills in a controlled environment.  This fall it was a posing workshop featuring our very own team member!

When planning their engagement, the idea of incorporating their passions was a must for Pam and Joe!  Team in haul, we rallied up at Camp Nawakwa, a very special venue for the couple, at both Upper Temple and Lower Camp.  Each photographer had 15 minutes to work with Pam and Joe with the grand finale being captured by everyone as an all out paint war was on.  I’m pretty sure Pam lost this one (she kinda looked like Violet from Willy Wonka by the time this was over) but heard she got him back the following day for their love story video with the bridal party.

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