Room View- Changing Portraiture

Technology is amazing!  I still remember back in junior high school when the internet was introduced.  Coming from a single parent, low income household, we didn’t have a computer in the early 90’s. The cool thing was to hang out at a friends house on the weekend who had at least WebTV so we could jam to Bell Biv DeVoe and chat to random strangers in AOL chat rooms.

Flash forward over 20 years (gosh I sound old) and technology continues to transform our way of life.  My new favorite transformation in the portrait world is our new Room View program we introduced this year.  Room View removes the guessing game of size and layout for portraiture on your very own wall.

Room View is beyond simple- starting with an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper taped to your wall. Snap a simple photo with your phone camera (fitting as much of the ceiling and floor into the frame as possible) and send it off to us. Behind the scenes we transform your favorite images into collages and get these archival items on your wall in as little as two weeks!  Simple and the design is FREE!

Think 3 8×10’s will fill up your wall.. nah.. check out these gorgeous collage ideas we designed for a family recently.  Complete night and day!

Oliver Three 8x10


Capturing Families- Evanoff

When was the last time you jumped in a rain puddle?  Or the last time you dove into a pile of leaves? Went for a quick run with friends for fun rather than for exercise? Keep watch on our kiddos and they might actually be giving us a lesson in life while we’re teaching them to be respectable adults later in life.

About a month ago I had the privilege of being invited to capture family images for the Evanoff family at their private residence.  Each member of the family was simply awesome and so much fun to work with.  One request was to maybe have the grandchildren hold hands and look over their shoulder for an image.. which was captured but I’m starting to really focus on aiding in the moment for the photo where photojournalism moments rarely exist.  As I had the children turn, still holding hands, on the count of three they sprinted towards the camera with these gorgeous, beaming, natural smiles shown here.  This my friends is a priceless moment captured in time of true free spirits.


Heather & Chandra Engagement/Family

From the first time we Skyped with Heather and Chandra, we knew they were a perfect fit into the MMP client family!  Heather and Chandra met up with us at one of our favorite day trip get-away locations, Longwood Gardens, with their two adorable kiddos!  It was awesome between images learning more about Heather’s passion for fixing up her old VW bug, Chandra’s strive for the perfect smile (which you have it girl!) and the love these two share for each other and their family.

We’re totally stoked for their wedding and kick ass party in April 2014 at the Corradetti Glass Blowing Studio!  Congratulations ladies!  Can’t wait to see you soon!

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Corporate Photo Booth

Looking for a way to spice up your next corporate event?!  How about a photo booth complete with crazy props and instant prints!  Check out these crazy bankers:

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No School like the Old School

What better place to take senior pictures than the abandoned elementary school that started your educational career?  Kralltown Elementary was a tiny school out in the rural area between East Berlin and Dillsburg where most members of my family, including Christina, had attended at some part of their K-5 years.  End result: a seriously cool senior session!

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Divorced? Trash that Dress!

Nothing says closure like trashing (or burning) old memories! Did you know most wedding dress material is actually quite flammable!?  Ladies stay away from those candles with tulle!  Devanna is about to walk down the aisle with a fantastic man and on a whim, and heartily encouraged by us, she decided to get rid of the old threads.  She “accidentally” backed over some beadwork, taking the satin for a swim, and torched it to the ground while sipping a glass of wine!  Her response “That was AWESOME!  I need to send a picture to my Ex!”

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The Taylor Fam

In viewing our portfolio, our major focus is weddings and engagements.  Occasionally we pick up a family session or two but normally we partner with a sister company for all of our family, senior, and boudoir sessions: Scott Bostjancic Photography.  The Taylor family was one of our special families in that Miss Mackenzie was turning 2 and wow what a little bundle of energy!  We met up with Kim, John, and Miss Mackenzie at the Milton Hershey Gardens for a fun and candid family session!  Talk about a picture perfect fam!  Check these guys out!


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Summertime is for Seniors!

Along with weddings, our summers are filled with intermingling senior portrait sessions during the week!  One of our most popular and requested locations is Hershey Hotel!  With the friendly staff and beautifully manicured gardens, how can we say no?  Here’s a few from Amy’s Senior Session!

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>Portrait Models

>A photographer friend had recently told me a great piece of advice, “To keep your wedding eye fresh, you should shoot other medias”. With that said we are a constant learning house that works with local models or friends for practicing poses and studio portraiture. Friends of ours, Steph and Cindy were able to join us in Hershey for a fun sunset shoot while we worked with some new lighting techniques. The outcome was spectacular and the ladies have some great images to take from our learning lesson:)

>Hunter’s Senior Shoot

>I love weddings. They are amazing, tons of fun, and definitely my passion, however there is something special that can be created for portait sessions. With portaits you’re working one-on-one and there is ample time to try new things including creative lighting techniques.

One of my favorite portrait sessions are Seniors. They’re always willing to do anything for a good shot, hence Hunter. Hey Hunter.. can you climb up in this huge truck.. how about the silo.. can you climb that.. see that old milk truck.. let’s get you up there too. I think all those climbing for creativity skills paid off! You be the judge;-)