It’s a Pig Pickin’ Ya’ll!

kuhn_0677wh_mmpBarbeque, pig roast, deliciously smoked meaty goodness… Now that I have the carnivore’s attention, have you ever heard the phrase “Pig Pickin”?  Why has this not become standard verbiage for those kick ass, meat centered events that everyone loves?

Nicole and Troy, one of our gorgeous couples from the south, celebrated their wedding at Battlefield Bed and Breakfast in Gettysburg, PA.  kuhn_0043j_mmpThe B&B sits on a remote piece of property, filled with historical decor including some ‘dress up’ items which looked fabulous on the groomsmen!  Nicole and Troy’s event was much different for me photographically as Whitney was rocking lead female photographer, alongside Jason.  Being 8.5 months pregnant I arrived for the ceremony and left after the first dance, serving more as a second shooter, grabbing candids and spending a few moments with the couple for some creatives.

kuhn_0229_mmpThrough her planning, Nicole emailed often, always full of cheer about details and tidbits which were amazing!  Aside from the traditional southern Pig Pickin’, she planned on an old fashion ice cream bar, complimentary and comfortable bridesmaid dresses, a high energy first dance, and a kicked back fire pit for when the sun went down.  One of my favorite moments from the day was when the rain rolled in at the tail end of Nicole and Troy’s ceremony.  Huge drops were starting to fall, yet these two could have cared less… plus it was a nice cool off to the warm July afternoon.  kuhn_0558wh_mmp

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Venue: Battlefield Bed and Breakfast

Catering: Grandpas Country Catering

Entertainment: Then We Danced


Kelly & Greig’s Classy Vineyard Wedding

Guest Written by lead photographer Heather Casey:


Whitney and I recently met up at Hershey Vineyards to celebrate the wedding day of Kelly and Greig.  It was a warm afternoon, sun shining, grape vines just starting to spread their leaves out.  A perfect setting for a low-key event.  It was especially an honor to meet Grieg’s parents who had come in from Trinidad for the day.

Kelly arrived all ready to go and cool as a cucumber, enjoying her pre-ceremony time with a little wine with her 2 bridesmaids.  In a summery, simple-yet-elegant gown, she was all smiles and excited to do a first look with Greig.  Greig was handsome in his gray tux, colorful bow-tie and cuff links that were a present from Kelly.  edwards_0332wh_mmpAs best-woman, his sister matched the guys in a pretty gray dress and included the bow-tie in her hair.

A fun first look around the grapevines was followed by some bridal party shots and then the ceremony that included a handwritten note from Greig, their cute pup Gibbs and a dancing recessional.  As the sun started to set, we got some gorgeous, intimate shots of the couple in front of the vineyards.   The reception in the big red barn was fun from the beginning to end!  Dancing their way into the waiting crowd, Kelly and Greig were all smiles.   edwards_0479wh_mmp-1After toasts and thanks from Greig’s parents, an amazing dinner buffet and literal cupcake smash were followed up by more dancing.  You can definitely tell this marriage will be full of love and lots and lots of fun!

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Venue: Hershey Vineyard and Brewery

Catering: JDK

Cake: Couture Cakery

Entertainment: Klock Entertainment

Hair/Makeup: Tara Pyke

Flowers: Lizzie Jordan Flowers

Homebrewed Love- A Brief Wedding Encounter

Guest Written by Lead Photographer Christin Lopez.couey_004_cl_mmp

It’s interesting hearing how our couples meet and what sort of bond made a simple first date into one hell of a memorable one!  Jeremiah and Jeralynn fall into the category of couples with very interesting first date stories, which for these two, resulted in a pit stop at Urgent Care due to some seriously bad tuna.  The couple, who are avid homebrewers.. seriously.. where’s the beer.. currently reside in Brooklyn, NY, though Jeralynn pegs Lancaster, PA as her hometown.  Jeralynn and Jeremiah chose to have their brief, yet classy wedding celebration at Landis Valley Museum in the historic firehouse, where touches of vintage elements and cool lanterns added to the ambiance.  couey_173_whbwOne of the coolest details was a tie between Jeralynn’s stunning high-low shortened dress and the cork place holders with old family photos!  Instead of traditional bland and boring wedding food, the foodie couple chose a relaxing feast of delicious BBQ and homemade pie (baked by Jeremiah himself for the couples pie.. store-bought for the guests) rather than cake.  couey_141_whWhat home brewer wedding would be complete unless some samplings of Jeremiah and Jeralynn’s were available for tasting, sealed with a heart bottle cap of course?!  I gotta say my favorite moment from their day was seeing these two just be themselves, couey_401_whbwkick back and just have a blast with being photographed and being married to one another!  Congratulations you two and warmest wishes of many years of married bliss and happiness!


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Venue: Landis Valley Museum

Catering: Hess’s BBQ

Flowers: Neffsville Flower Shop

Linens & Decor: Special Occasions


Kelly & Greig Engagement

Guest Written by Lead Photographer Heather Casey.

Spring had finally sprung, at least for a couple days, when Whitney and I met up with Kelly and Greig at Harrisburg City Island for their engagement session.  Although their wedding is a little over a month away, these two were cool as cucumbers strolling around the attractions on the island.

One special spot in particular was the soccer field.  Greig not only is a soccer player, but a big fan and coach as well.  Kelly has spent lots of time on the sidelines and in the stands watching and rooting for him.  It was fun to see them hanging out together in a spot that brings them such good memories.

I am looking forward to their wedding at Hershey Vineyards which will include their pup as flower girl!

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Angela & John Engagement

Guest Written by Lead Photographer Whitney Hart:

Scott and I met up with Angela and John for a downtown Harrisburg, urban-meets-nature engagement shoot. Angela rocked some bright orange wedge shoes that were perfect for strolling with John in and around the side streets close to the Capitol complex. The fun loving couple enjoyed posing with the Waiting (aka “newspaper guy”) statue on Front Street and a garbage can spray painted with “believe”. The countdown is on to their September 6th wedding! See you both in 144 days!

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Jessica & Derek Engagement

Guest Written by Lead Photographer Christin Lopez:

Whitney and I met up with Jessica and Derek for an intimate moment in the Garlic Poet, the delicious restaurant attached to their wedding venue, the Clarion Hotel.  Right away we fell in love with Jessica’s bubbly personality and Derek’s relaxed nature which led to laughs and good times during their session.  After adventures at the hotel, we head to a small local park with a gorgeous creek, a perfect backdrop for the relaxed couple.  One of my favorite moments was through all the smiles and posing, the couple’s intimacy shone through.  Congratulations Jessica and Derek!  We can’t wait to see you both this summer!

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Our friends are getting married!

I’m convinced as a photographer, there is nothing more awkward than actually being in a friend’s wedding party.  Don’t get me wrong.. it was an absolute blast.. but being on the other side of the camera is SO much easier!  Photographers are infamous for being terrible at posing themselves, add in the intimidation of having your own team capture these images while in a frilly bridesmaid dress and primped hair and makeup… well no wonder I started drinking so early!

So a little back story.. Derrek is one of Jason’s close guy pals when he and I first started dating 11 years ago. Megan is one of my best gals that I had met in the days of banking years ago.  I still remember Megan asking if I knew any great guys and the only one that came to mind that would be perfect for her was Derrek.. however he was in a relationship at the time.  As time went on and their paths changed, they officially had their first date in early 2012 and shared so many crazy hobbies and interests it was pretty much fate.

Over the past few months of planning we’ve seen their love flourish, the expansion of a new furry friend and a new house that’s just blocks from ours (Score!).  A big thing for Jason and I is creating “Friend Family” aka not necessarily blood but as close as any other family member.  Derrek and Megan are most definitely some of the best friend family we’re blessed to have and have the warmest wishes on their future!  Love you guys!


Pam & Joe Engagement

Pam and Joe definitely had one heck of a unique engagement session with the whole MMP team photographing the event!  Pam is one of our 2013 Apprentices and soon to be hubster, Joe is a headlining DJ for Klock Entertainment. Each year in the Spring and Fall we host team training sessions to work on various elements to strengthen our skills in a controlled environment.  This fall it was a posing workshop featuring our very own team member!

When planning their engagement, the idea of incorporating their passions was a must for Pam and Joe!  Team in haul, we rallied up at Camp Nawakwa, a very special venue for the couple, at both Upper Temple and Lower Camp.  Each photographer had 15 minutes to work with Pam and Joe with the grand finale being captured by everyone as an all out paint war was on.  I’m pretty sure Pam lost this one (she kinda looked like Violet from Willy Wonka by the time this was over) but heard she got him back the following day for their love story video with the bridal party.

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Dana & Robert October 5, 2013

A warm 85 degrees, a delay caused by a sudden downpour, and stinkbugs galore.  That may not have been what was expected when Dana and Bob planned their October wedding!  Regardless of nature’s little quirks, the outdoor wedding at Ski Roundtop was a simple, beautiful event.  The patio was adorned with mums of every color and an intimate gathering of friends and family.

One thing I really loved about this couple was the unique personal touches they brought to their special day.  The guys all donned special superhero socks which included Superman, Batman, Captain American and others.  Also, all members of the wedding party wore a “Find a Cure” bracelet representing Parkinson’s disease in honor of a loved one.  It was fun for Whitney, Pam and I to capture these special items.

An entertaining reception at the lodge followed the ceremony and included a yummy cupcake tower, a chocolate fountain and plenty of dancing.  The highlight was the speech made by the maid of honor- she performed it as a rap song!  It was a funny and memorable part of the day which I will remember as one of my favorites.  We wish Dana and Bob all the happiness in their new life together!

Venue: Ski Roundtop Resort

Entertainment: Klock Entertainment

Flowers: Weddings and Blooms

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Susie & Gary September 7, 2013

Guest Written by Lead Photographer, Christin Lopez


Susie and Gary had a completely customized plan for their wedding. Whitney and I met up with the couple at Christ Presbyterian Church, which had the neatest little round worship room for their service.  They had finished up the marriage service with the greatest looks of happiness and for us it’s so great to watch a couple celebrate themselves.

This magical moment was followed up by an intimate gathering at Alfred’s Victorian in Middletown.  If you’ve never been, the food here was superb.  Susie’s dad toasted to their love and to his little girl starting their lives together. Susie and Gary planned a menu that covered all tastes and every bit was delicious. The meal was finished off with a house specialty of an ice cream cake that is beyond words… Ok, I have a few. Picture this..  decadent chocolate ice cream, two different sherbets and thinly sliced cake surrounding it all… Delicious! Alfred’s Victorian itself has so many little pockets of charm that we were able to use many as an advantage to our photos as well.

Finishing up the day we headed out for part three-  the back yard party! Susie and Gary both did a splendid job of decorating and setting the tone for this larger soiree. Friends and family gathered to talk the night away as they dined on a roasted pig stuffed with chickens as music played in the background. The trees were lit and there was the most amazing sight in the back of the yard. Susie and Gary are a couple after my own heart, and stomach. Thank you both for sharing your day with us.

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