Making the Most of your Engagement Session

Often we get asked by clients and fans alike how to figure out the best location for engagement pictures.  What we’ve found over the years is it’s more about what you choose rather than where you choose when it comes down to getting the best possible images.  Here are some tips- both common and offbeat- to satisfy the masses:)

Absolute hands down #1- BE COMFORTABLE!  We’re not talking fuzzy bunny slippers and yoga pants, although comfy and enjoyable, definitely doesn’t have the classy look you may be going for.  Be comfortable in your skin, in what you choose to wear, and so very much, comfortable with each other.  Many times we ask clients to be themselves- sit, talk, relax, while we set up the shot.  Hidden MMP secret… getting set up on our end for some images actually means we want to capture YOU.. in your natural element.  Nothing is more magical on film (okay digital) than a couple who is in love, talking to each other, stealing kisses and taking in each others presence and enjoyment of the session.  Cheesy as it may sound, you absolutely cannot pose love or emotion, and thankfully all of our clients have zero issues with the giddiness that is, the love for each other.

#2 Location, location, location- Location is a hot topic when it comes to engagement sessions.  Focusing on the where rather than the feel of how you want your images to appear can sometimes be overwhelming.  When deciding on a location it’s best to ask yourselves, do we want architectural elements or something incorporating greenery, urban or rural?  When it comes down to it, a park is a park and most won’t be able to tell the difference between the tree at Fort Hunter versus a tree at the Masonic Gardens.  Architectural- desiring a known location in your town or something off the beaten path?  Still stressing on a location- Ask!  We love helping our couples choose the best location based on your preferences!

#3 Spice it up! Natural beauty is the best and being confident is key, however we’ve noticed that ladies who primp and prep with professional hair or makeup applications for their engagement session have an innate sass in their imagery!  Nails, hair, makeup, all regardless of for an event or just for beautification fun, can make a girl feel even more gorgeous and confident!  Money saving tips- go DIY style or schedule your hair/makeup trials on the same date as your engagement session!

#4 What the hell should I wear!?  Also another popular question from our couples is the attire.  Most commonly, couples opt for two outfits, one being a casual, kicked back style and another being more formal/business casual.  Guys, be prepared.. your lovely bride may change at least 3-5 times until grabbing the perfect outfit, not speaking from any experience on that subject or anything:)  Ideas for a spring/late summer evening session might include a cute sundress with embellished sandals for a cool casual look, and your best date night dress with killer pumps for the formal attire.  Guys maybe opt for a complimentary casual button down with jeans and a pair of kicks, and a classy formal look of a suit minus the tie, potentially adding a pop of color in the dress shirt or belt.  Ultimately being confident and comfortable (see the theme yet) in what you’re wearing is key.  What not to wear- another popular request- nothing to matchy-matchy (Both wearing white shirts and khakis), if going for a more green/natural location avoid the vibrant reds, pinks, and oranges, and shoes are noticeable in images, although those new bright pearly white sneakers look great at the gym, they don’t so much in your engagement images.  Ladies also remember heels and rock-climbing/farms don’t always mix well:)

#5 Think outside of the box! We ADORE when couples take the road less traveled for both their engagements and weddings!  Some awesome trends we’ve seen are theme/stylized engagement sessions! Love the Mad Men era?  Why not grab some vintage inspired threads, work with us to secure a location that will match your feel, and don’t forget the red lipstick!  Not ready for an all out theme?  No worries.. grab a few rental pieces from local vintage rentals like Swoon or Maggpie Vintage Rentals for a truly unique setting for some of your images!  Maybe try to incorporate props in for your save the date cards?  We’ve seen a TON of awesome and creative ways to announce your upcoming nuptials from cool places like Etsy!

Overall, just have fun!  We love working with unique and dynamic couples who wear their personalities on their sleeve so give in, relax and have fun!epler_124_mmp