Megan & Jason- Engagement

There is nothing better than meeting a couple for a first consultation and connecting as if you’d known them for years!  We’ve had this pleasure many times in our past four years and meeting with Megan and Jason was no different! Both were amazing in their professions of being in the medical field for Megan and Jason being a pilot, both had the most charming personalities that would light up any room they walked into, and you could instantly tell both were extremely caring individuals.  When discussing engagement session ideas, traveling many trips on their own with Jason at the yoke (thank you google and Mister McClain for the terminology), naturally incorporating his profession and passion was a must! Overall some great stories were shared and many smiles and laughs as we got to know this awesome couple more during their session!  Congratulations Megan and Jason!  We can’t wait to celebrate with you in September!

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