So a little thing happened about two weeks ago for our family whom we like to call Miss Finley George Sutton McClain.  She came screaming into the world at 12:59pm on February 11th weighting 8lb 10oz and 19.5″.


Thankfully everything went relatively well with our scheduled delivery by comparison to when her brother joined the family.  I did sadly have to make an unplanned visit to the ER the day after we were discharged (which I didn’t take well at all) for a spinal headache, something I would never wish upon anyone for how painful that was. We are counting our blessings for two happy, healthy children which have made our family complete (insert our no more kids happy dance here).

I’m slowly getting back to my day to day routines and finding our new work/life balance but also very much looking forward to getting my camera out of the bag in a few weeks for the kick ass wedding season we have in store this year.  I’m also chomping at the bit to get back to physical activity asap- Bring on the dead lifts and kettle bells!

Until then, feel free to follow our journey on Instagram (Mel/ Jas).  Photo Cred: Klose Photography


Two Weeks? Already?!

What the heck?! It’s been two weeks since we last blogged and man do I feel like a slacker! Actually we’ve been pretty busy lately shooting some amazing weddings (psst… Check Facebook),had a slew of great engagement sessions and darn if I haven’t been cruising the New York Times best seller list for a little R&R reading.

So what’s in store for June? Personally we’re taking a mini pup friendly vacation and enjoying some Bolero dance lessons (quite spicy dance- highly recommended). Professionally we have some great events and portrait sessions plus this evening on Facebook I’ll be unveiling the summer contest which ladies will adore and the men will love;-). So what does June look like for our readers!? Taking in a romantic vacation? Enjoying fun local events? Drinking wine and lounging in the pool? I opt for number three please:)