Engagement in the Big City

I fondly remember the first trip Jason and I took to Philadelphia before we were married.  We hit the Benjamin Franklin Parkway during Friday rush hour looking for our Hotel and let me just say, thank goodness I wasn’t driving!  After finding our hotel and having a scrumptious dinner at Chef Morimoto of Food Network fame’s restaurant, we were well on our way to a relaxing weekend away, which included relying on Taxi’s to avoid further road frustrationJ

For some reason, not sure if it’s the bigger city or the excellent local drivers, we always seem to fight with the GPS versus actual road travels once we hit Philly?  In striving to visit Old City to set up with Carley and Patrick for their engagement shoot we took a wrong turn and ended up in Camden NJ.  A stern talk to the GPS and a short toll later we arrived to the oldest street in America- Elfreth’s Alley!  I’m a country girl but shooting in the city is like a raccoon with 100 trashcans to overturn- I wanted to shoot everywhere!  We spent a large majority of time shooting down the alley which was gorgeous and hit up a few niche areas along the way- the end result, a smoking hot session!

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