Capturing Families- Evanoff

When was the last time you jumped in a rain puddle?  Or the last time you dove into a pile of leaves? Went for a quick run with friends for fun rather than for exercise? Keep watch on our kiddos and they might actually be giving us a lesson in life while we’re teaching them to be respectable adults later in life.

About a month ago I had the privilege of being invited to capture family images for the Evanoff family at their private residence.  Each member of the family was simply awesome and so much fun to work with.  One request was to maybe have the grandchildren hold hands and look over their shoulder for an image.. which was captured but I’m starting to really focus on aiding in the moment for the photo where photojournalism moments rarely exist.  As I had the children turn, still holding hands, on the count of three they sprinted towards the camera with these gorgeous, beaming, natural smiles shown here.  This my friends is a priceless moment captured in time of true free spirits.



The Taylor Fam

In viewing our portfolio, our major focus is weddings and engagements.  Occasionally we pick up a family session or two but normally we partner with a sister company for all of our family, senior, and boudoir sessions: Scott Bostjancic Photography.  The Taylor family was one of our special families in that Miss Mackenzie was turning 2 and wow what a little bundle of energy!  We met up with Kim, John, and Miss Mackenzie at the Milton Hershey Gardens for a fun and candid family session!  Talk about a picture perfect fam!  Check these guys out!


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>Baby Bella

>Miss Bella has been one of MMP’s first carry over maternity shoots to where we had the pleasure of photographing a very pregnant mommy and then a few short months later, the lovely Bella herself! One of the greatest things in life is a child’s laughter and smile! Such a little heart warmer! Enjoy!

>Jere, Jennifer, and Amara


What a cute family! Amara’s photo shoot couldn’t have happened on a more perfect day.. a few more puffy clouds would have been nice but that’s why we have photoshop:) We started our day at Italian Lake and then worked our way to City Island. End Result…one of the McClain’s favorite sessions. Beautiful pictures and great settings.. what more could a photographer ask for. Enjoy- I know that we did:)

>Part of the Family

>I love my family. Let me preface that we are tight-knit to the point that I’m actually the one who is located the farthest away, which is only an hour. My Aunt and Cousins are more like sisters, so when I called them up last minute to participate in a shoot, they kindly oblidged. This shoot took place on the family farm which provided a lot of really nice ops and textures. Enjoy!