It’s PBJ Time- Julie & Peter’s Classy Downtown Wedding!

Ah… a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.. seriously who didn’t grow up on these?  It was the perfect pairing of sweet jam with salty peanut butter. baughman_0025_mmp Cut diagonally on white bread, with cheese puffs… OMG I’m salivating!  Couples have been finding cute acronyms and sayings to sum up their wedding theme for years, but no one has met the ultimate PBJ couple like we have!

Peter and Julie contacted us from California for their super classy downtown Harrisburg wedding, with visions of elegance matched with good old fashion fun!  Through the planning process, Julie emailed often with new ideas and details that were being planned.. basically teasers up to their wedding day!  I was blown away when walking into her Crowne Plaza Hotel suite as she had all of her details laid out perfectly to be photographed.  baughman_0313_mmpFrom the invitations, to rings, to her lucky six-pence.. it was all there!  My favorite detail was her drool-worthy shoes from Pedro Garcia that complimented her gown beautifully!

Post first look, Peter, Julie and their small bridal party got creative with us around the state capitol complex.  One of my favorite creatives captured is a recreation pose from a pick up they pulled off on their engagement session!  Their ceremony concluded to a line of silver streamers and a brief carriage ride to their reception at the Harrisburg Civic Club.  As were her getting ready details, Julie planned every last touch of class to the tiniest detail including PBJ chocolates from Trader Joes, Beautiful white floral arrangements, and multiple versions of Mad Lib cards for guests to fill out and share with the couple.  Julie and Peter even planned a live local band, Cruise Control, for some top class entertainment!  The day was simply magical and will go down as one of those weddings we could photograph over and over again!  baughman_0150j_mmp

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Ceremony: Harrisburg State Capitol Rotunda

Reception: Harrisburg Civic Club

Catering: Karen’s Catering

Officiant: Dave DiRaddo

Flowers: Weddings and Blooms

Ceremony Music: Molly Rahe

Gown: Taylored For You

Coordinator: By Design Weddings and Events

Entertainment: Cruise Control Band

Makeup: Makeup by Chelsea

Cake: Camp Hill Bakery


Angela & John Engagement

Guest Written by Lead Photographer Whitney Hart:

Scott and I met up with Angela and John for a downtown Harrisburg, urban-meets-nature engagement shoot. Angela rocked some bright orange wedge shoes that were perfect for strolling with John in and around the side streets close to the Capitol complex. The fun loving couple enjoyed posing with the Waiting (aka “newspaper guy”) statue on Front Street and a garbage can spray painted with “believe”. The countdown is on to their September 6th wedding! See you both in 144 days!

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Elyse & Corey 6/15/2013

I try to keep a mental tally of how our couples met and what the most common pattern is- three of our most common are met through a mutual friend, met online (YAY online daters!!), and met in college such as the gorgeous Elyse and Corey did their senior year at good ol’ Bloomsburg U.  From being partners in their Business class to being partners in life, the dynamics this couple shares, along with a super adorable pup named Gunner, are magnetic!  My hands down favorite memory from their wedding day was after the first look when Heather Casey, one of our stellar lead photographers, and I had the chance to capture Elyse & Corey on their walk from the front of the Capitol Building to the back.  It was just a simple candid moment between the two with no distractions so they took in each other through looks, embrace, and overall excitement which gave way to pure emotion that can’t be posed- my personal favorite.  Congratulations Elyse & Corey!  You guys are amazing people and I know you’ll have such a blessed and joyous marriage!

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>Hassinger Sisters at the Capitol Complex

>This afternoon we had the fortunate pleasure of doing a portrait session for the Hass sisters who were looking for a surprise for their parents wedding anniversary! A late afternoon jaunt around the capitol complex created a fantastic backdrop to create some free spirited poses while catching some beautiful natural light. Enjoy!

>Oh Baby…

>MMP held their first maternity/family shoot with the Lugaro family on the state capital grounds this week! The entire family was versatile with MMP’s creative ideas which allowed us to capture great moments of their fantastic personalities, including the unborn Isabell due in September. See for yourself 🙂

>Moving Out

>Oh no.. the McClain’s aren’t moving yet, but Kathleen and Dave are very soon! Kathleen (KP) and Dave, two of our close friends, are celebrating a new abode! Today’s photo shoot in Harrisburg was filled with talks of furniture purchases and plans of making their new home together! Today was also an earmark day for the McClain’s since Jason had taken on the new role of Asst Photographer by shooting on a Minolta film camera. As much fun as shooting on a film camera can be, he’s eagerly anticipating the fullfillment of the Canon 50D fund so he can shoot digitally as well.