>Portrait Models

>A photographer friend had recently told me a great piece of advice, “To keep your wedding eye fresh, you should shoot other medias”. With that said we are a constant learning house that works with local models or friends for practicing poses and studio portraiture. Friends of ours, Steph and Cindy were able to join us in Hershey for a fun sunset shoot while we worked with some new lighting techniques. The outcome was spectacular and the ladies have some great images to take from our learning lesson:)

>Jennifer and Stephen July 24, 2010

>Gorgeous day, beautiful couple, and very special words were just a few fabulous notations of Jennifer and Stephen’s special day. Despite being a short photographic venture, we were able to capture some breathtaking images at the Hotel Hershey. My favorite part of the day had to be when we were “mock” cutting the cake and Jas said `Okay. I want you to go psycho for this next picture.’ Which was indicated in reference to going psycho on the cake, turned into this fun image which is sure to be a crowd pleasing sample image for our albums! Congratulations Stephen and Jennifer!