Ellen & Bert 07/06/2013

Avid travelers, passionate doctors, and a warm, wonderful couple are just a few characteristics describing Ellen & Bert.  Ellen and Bert met while in graduate school while both were working at a local hospital.  After a self described belly busting meal in Montreal, the couple decided to take a quick walk hike to the top of Mt Royal, just a small incline of a bit over 750 feet, where Bert proposed as Ellen caught her breath on a chilly November day.  Despite Bert moving to Vermont and Ellen holding down the fort in the Reading area, an intimate wedding planned at Landis Valley Museum on a gorgeous summer day, went off without a hitch!  We loved the personal touches from the vintage typewriter with a letter written to guests from the brides parents, to the old school lawn games for cocktail hour, to the beautiful table settings of mason jars, wood and burlap and scrabble letters.  One of our favorite moments was the groomsmen gopro camera moments.  I can’t imagine how crazy that video was on playback!  Congratulations Ellen and Bert and we wish you both the best!

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Ellen & Robert’s Engagement

Jas and most of our friends will tell you that I’m most definitely not a morning person.  Not even coffee makes me want to crawl out of bed most mornings, however the one thing that does get me jazzed up is a.m. photography sessions.  The lighting is in most cases one of the best times during a day and a dynamic couple in love is the icing on the cake!  Ellen and her mother met up with us in January at one of the bridal shows we attended and just by talking, we knew she and Bert were an MMP couple!  Despite Bert living in VT and Ellen in PA, these two have a connection like no other and were so sweet together that beautiful, natural images were easy to capture.  Ellen also is passionate about her horse, Sonny, who is a 20 year old gorgeous animal who spends the large majority of his time helping out at Ivy Hill Therapeutic Equestrian Center which offers equine-assisted programs for children and adults with special needs.

The spring morning was gorgeous when we met at the Bucks County Horse Park, which we had to ourselves and quite a myriad of great shooting location with the grounds, jumps, and pond. Sonny was happy nibbling on the plentiful grass while Jas and I captured images of Ellen and Bert.  Setting up a shot on top of a small rise, nice blue sky and puffy, cotton candy clouds (my fave) in the background, Sonny decided he’d take a little gallop which pushed pause on the session for a few moments.  After a quick catch and tie to one of the jumps, resetting back in the pose, Sonny considered another jaunt, this time at full run, neighing as he ran across the fields as if to say “HAHA.. catch me if you can..”.  45 minutes later, Bert relocated Sonny who was being social with other horses from a nearby farm, trying to blend in but obviously on the wrong side of the fence.  Jas and I thought Sonny should have the middle name of Kooper (our insane, prone to going her own way, Jack Russel-Beagle mix).

Finishing up our session, Sonny back in the safety of his trailer, we headed out to Ringing Rock Park, named after a 7 acre area of boulders that when struck with a hammer or another rock, they sound as if they are metal and hollow and ring with a sound similar to a metal pipe being hit.  Overall we had an awesome morning and sessions like these are ones that go down in MMP history that we’ll never forget and always love to talk about:)  Congratulation Ellen and Bert!  We’re so excited to celebrate with you both in July!

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