Do This- Grandmotherly Flower Girls

Do This is a weekly blog series created to be a super quick read, highlighting awesome wedding ideas that you may want to incorporate into your own event!  Got an idea for our Do This readers?  Email me at with your idea! 

Flower girls are absolutely gorgeous but depending on the age, some have the attention span of a Terrier puppy.  A cute alternative if age is a factor, or you know no little ones, is to offer the position up to your Grandmother.  We saw this recently, with the grandmother’s pelting guests with petals!  Great photo ops and laughter from guests!

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Behind the Image- The Butterfly

The wedding day goes so incredibly fast that moments are captured but as readers you may not know the stories surrounding the image. Behind the Image is a bi-monthly post featuring one of our favorite images and the story behind it- Why was it captured and what does it mean to us as photographers.

When entering images into competitions, I never like to name my print.  I feel like adding a name to an image puts the creativity into a box and directs viewers into one line of thought, versus allowing imagination.  I know- pretty deep for a wedding blog.  One of my favorite recent captures was of a butterfly, or moth, as some may refer.  In all actuality, this was not the butterfly I was trying to capture on Amy and Bobby’s wedding day.

During their ceremony, a beautiful monarch butterfly was fluttering around the apple tree overhead as they exchanged vows.  I tried to grab the shot but from where I was standing it looked like a speck in the sea of green leaves. Spiritually, I feel that a butterfly on the wedding day may be a loved one who has passed, shining down on the couple as they celebrate their union.  Just a week before Amy and Bobby said I do, Bobby’s grandfather sadly passed.  By capturing this second butterfly (found in a patch of weeds as Jason photographed the couple), it reminded me of the monarch floating above them earlier, perhaps his grandfather’s way of saying hello.


To Barn or Not to Barn?

albright_0697_mmp-2Barn weddings this year have been all the craze for couples looking for the non-traditional wedding location.  Everywhere we look, more barn venues are opening, creating more choices for couples on the hunt.  Although we have many favorite barn venues, Ironstone Ranch continues to be one of our personal preferred.. hands down.  Not only is Ironstone seriously gorgeous and remote but they offer up their net profits to charitable organization, Brittany’s Hope, which aides in adoptions for special needs children around the world.  WOW!  Makes your heart swell a little bit doesn’t it?albright_0067j_mmp-1

One of our first visits to Ironstone was with Whitney and Jeff, a kick ass couple who didn’t let a little rain deter them from their outdoor orchard ceremony on the ranch.  I personally became giddy when cruising around the photo loop, seeing the sun peek through the glistening trees from the recent rain.  One of my favorite captures from the day had to be Whitney’s dance with her father- a sing along and dance to some old school Vanilla Ice. albright_0632_mmpWe couldn’t have asked for a more perfect couple at a more perfect venue on such an amazing day!  Whitney smiled all day long, especially at Jeff and exclaimed many times… “This it the best day”.  That is was!

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Venue: Ironstone Ranch

Catering: C&J Catering

Entertainment: Klock Entertainment

Flowers: Floral Designs of Mount Joy

Videography: Deswert Productions