Jason’s 40th!

Gee golly it’s darn cold out there today!  Days like today make me reminisce to one of my two favorite seasons, Spring and Fall… Fall being my favorite.  This past fall was super special as we celebrated Jason’s 40th birthday (yes, I did get permission to post his age).

First off, to those currently planning a wedding.. I feel your pain.  It’s hard lining up everything needed, continuously thinking about the details and price per person.  Crazy!  To set my mind at ease, while focusing on the business and our one year old, I found the most AMAZING event planner.  Dana McGinley, who you might remember from a few months back when we blogged her wedding, just recently started her business planning both weddings and private events.  She was able to help with every detail and provide an outside perspective on “Will this sledge hammer work well with the decor?”.  Not kidding- totally had a sledge hammer.

Finding vendors was the easy part, as all were our friends and we knew they would do an amazing job.  Decor was largely DIY, with some details reused from our own 2008 wedding and some from old tools and manly items found in Jason’s workshop.  With most of our friends playing some part in the wedding industry, I wanted zero “wedding” appeal in the decor, food, or activities.

Detail wise, we had craft beer samplings from 6 different breweries, a whiskey and cigar bar including fun table games like Cards Against Humanity and Poker, Vintage furniture was brought in from Swoon Vintage Rentals, very tasty cupcakes and heavy hors d’oeuvres, including a bacon and nacho bar, was provided by The Uncommon Caterer, and Ryan Miller Entertainment was kicking out the great tunes all night. Our venue, which was hands down amazing, Historic Acres at Hershey, is highly recommended if planning any sort of celebration.

Overall we had an amazing night and I took pictures of the set up but totally went into relax and enjoy mode and missed any active party shots.  It was one of the best evenings celebrating the man who continues to support every aspiration and dream I have, who will most definitely give me early wrinkles from laughing and smiling so much, and who is the best daddy ever to our little one.  <end sap>


DJ Tom Stank and DJ Ryan Miller photo bombs:)