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I can’t tell anymore if photo booths are still hot or starting to dissipate, but one step higher on the coolness scale has to be the Tattoo Booth.  Borrowed from the wonderful Offbeat Bride Blog, this wedding couple (photo cred- Tino and Pip) offered guests the choice of 10 fun temp tattoos to wear for the night.



Homebrewed Love- A Brief Wedding Encounter

Guest Written by Lead Photographer Christin Lopez.couey_004_cl_mmp

It’s interesting hearing how our couples meet and what sort of bond made a simple first date into one hell of a memorable one!  Jeremiah and Jeralynn fall into the category of couples with very interesting first date stories, which for these two, resulted in a pit stop at Urgent Care due to some seriously bad tuna.  The couple, who are avid homebrewers.. seriously.. where’s the beer.. currently reside in Brooklyn, NY, though Jeralynn pegs Lancaster, PA as her hometown.  Jeralynn and Jeremiah chose to have their brief, yet classy wedding celebration at Landis Valley Museum in the historic firehouse, where touches of vintage elements and cool lanterns added to the ambiance.  couey_173_whbwOne of the coolest details was a tie between Jeralynn’s stunning high-low shortened dress and the cork place holders with old family photos!  Instead of traditional bland and boring wedding food, the foodie couple chose a relaxing feast of delicious BBQ and homemade pie (baked by Jeremiah himself for the couples pie.. store-bought for the guests) rather than cake.  couey_141_whWhat home brewer wedding would be complete unless some samplings of Jeremiah and Jeralynn’s were available for tasting, sealed with a heart bottle cap of course?!  I gotta say my favorite moment from their day was seeing these two just be themselves, couey_401_whbwkick back and just have a blast with being photographed and being married to one another!  Congratulations you two and warmest wishes of many years of married bliss and happiness!


To see more from Jeralynn and Jeremiah’s day click here!

Venue: Landis Valley Museum

Catering: Hess’s BBQ

Flowers: Neffsville Flower Shop

Linens & Decor: Special Occasions


A Gorgeous Glassblowing Studio Wedding

brick_0208_mmpTake a gorgeous array of beautifully crafted glass sculptures, a stunning historic yet modern venue in the heart of an old mill district, and two absolutely dashing ladies and you have a world class, unique wedding in the outskirts of Baltimore, MD.  Heather and Chandra, two sweethearts who bonded over their Michigan/ Ohio Buckeye rivalry, exchanged heartfelt vows in front of about 75 of their closest friends and family members at the Corradetti Glass Blowing Studio.  During their ceremony, Heather and Chandra included a sentimental acknowledgement of their new family coming together, presenting gifts to Chandra’s two beautiful children.brick_0019j_mmp  Post ceremony, Heather and Chandra’s guests were invited to an outdoor cocktail hour with tasty vittles provided by Woodberry Kitchen.  In lieu of a traditional sit down dinner guests were treated to delicious heavy appetizers and a heavy handed bartender which made both dance floor and studio photo booth images hilarious and very candid!  One of my personal favorite moments was Heather and Chandra’s first look as I think this was the only time I’ve ever seen Heather visibly nervous in anticipation of seeing her stunning bride.  It’s just one of those “You can’t pose intimacy” images that just warms your heart to not only remember the moment but to look back on and feel when viewing the image.  Congratulations and many years of happiness are wished for our lovely ladies, Heather and Chandra!brick_0222_mmp-2

Venue: Corradetti Glass Blowing Studio

Hotel: The Radisson at Cross Keys Baltimore

Catering: Woodberry Kitchen

Heather’s Attire: Burberry

Chandra’s Attire: Mary’s Bridal

Hair/Makeup: Nina Tate-Elliot/Denise Brown

Officiant: Rev. Mary Maurey

DJ: Entertainment Exchange


For more images from Heather and Chandra’s wedding click here!

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“Kickstart” your wedding!

I’m jealous!  With so many new and interesting sites out there I wish we would’ve had these tools 4 (almost 5) years ago when J and I were in the midst of our planning!  Aside from the more common planning sites, such as Wedding Wire (AWESOME) and Offbeat Bride (EVEN MORE AWESOME), I’ve been finding inspiration in other off-the-beaten-path sites that are blooming in popularity as of lately.

The latest is Kickstarter (est. 2009.. what rock have I been under?), which J first introduced me to.  To be honest.. he told me about a “project” he helped to fund and the typical former banker in me starts to Google scams, spams, and any other wife research for that “Uh.. yeah, we gotta talk” moment.  Upon checking out the site, I was smitten!  It’s actually a cool program where artists and creatives of all walks can post their “project” up and request funding to complete said project with perks for the funding individual, ranging from promotional items to large quantities of the actual product sponsored.  Think high school Economics and the Stock Market Game but much more fun.   Some projects and creatives that I’m following range from up-cycled bowties (perfect for your grooms, ladies) to cork wallets and iphone cases to my personal favorite find, alcohol infused marshmallows and brittle (Jenna is seriously awesome to work with!).

My recommended way to use this site, because it can be challenging weeding out projects you might not be interested in such as super indie films or under the radar musicians (there are a lot on here), is to check out the Staff Picks and narrow down categories to what you’re interested in- highly recommend the fashion section.  I also prefer to hit up the websites directly that link to these particular vendors to get exactly what I’m looking for or to see about special ordering.  Have you checked out Kickstarter or are following any special creatives you’d like to share?

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