Room View- Changing Portraiture

Technology is amazing!  I still remember back in junior high school when the internet was introduced.  Coming from a single parent, low income household, we didn’t have a computer in the early 90’s. The cool thing was to hang out at a friends house on the weekend who had at least WebTV so we could jam to Bell Biv DeVoe and chat to random strangers in AOL chat rooms.

Flash forward over 20 years (gosh I sound old) and technology continues to transform our way of life.  My new favorite transformation in the portrait world is our new Room View program we introduced this year.  Room View removes the guessing game of size and layout for portraiture on your very own wall.

Room View is beyond simple- starting with an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper taped to your wall. Snap a simple photo with your phone camera (fitting as much of the ceiling and floor into the frame as possible) and send it off to us. Behind the scenes we transform your favorite images into collages and get these archival items on your wall in as little as two weeks!  Simple and the design is FREE!

Think 3 8×10’s will fill up your wall.. nah.. check out these gorgeous collage ideas we designed for a family recently.  Complete night and day!

Oliver Three 8x10