Julie & Peter Engagement

Okay any gal who shows up in Louboutin’s for her engagement session wins serious bonus points from this photographer.  Julie and Peter are both originally from the area but moved out to warm and sunny California (insert jealous here) a few years ago.  Heading back in for the holidays, the couple requested a fun, urban session in Downtown Harrisburg.  I love the natural smiles and candid nature these two put out.  My personal favorite image is one of the last captured of Peter picking Julie up for a very cute, slightly Hollywood kiss shot.  Adorable!  We’ll see these two in June of 2014!

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Christen & Shawn Engagement

I love spunky, fun couples!  When I saw Christen arrive to Ceolta’s for their engagement session, I knew it was going to be a fantastic hour spent with these two!  She’s a fashionista after my own heart, donning a gorgeous blue dress with fun tights and perfect accessories!  With the rustic environment of the empty Irish bar, we were able to play with a little lighting elements to simply make the image “pop”.

After meandering around the bar for a few shots, we bundled up and walked a few blocks around downtown Harrisburg to expand their engagement portfolio with some hip urban images.  Overall an amazing session, despite the brisk December weather!  We’ll be seeing these two in a few short weeks for their January 4, 2014 wedding!

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Kara & Jake Engagement

During football season, things can get interesting between friends who have differing team preferences.  Imagine that in the same household!  Kara is a die hard Steelers fan while Jake is an avid Ravens fan.  Naturally incorporating some friendly team rivalry during their engagement session was in order.

On a late fall evening, I met up with Kara and Jake in downtown Harrisburg, for a walk and shoot.  Although facing it’s ups and downs, downtown Harrisburg does have a plethora of great off beat nooks and interesting back alley architecture.  One of my favorite areas on our walk was right in the middle of State Street which was filled with tall, golden grass just begging to be the backdrop for a few images.  We’ll be seeing these two and their gorgeous little man next year in May!

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Nicki & ‘Tug’ Engagement

Dr. Suess quoted “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  Although resounding true to many of our clients, this quote just reminds me of Nicki and Tug.  You’ll never meet a sweeter pair and capturing their Marietta based engagement session was living proof.

Nicki and Tug were looking for a fun, laid back session that captured the candid personalities and humor the two share, including their passion of motorcycling.  One of the humorous pieces of the day was coaching Nicki for her “bad ass” pose.. and she pulled it off perfectly!  Congratulations you two and can’t wait to see you both in September of 2014!

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Whitney & Jeff Engagement

I think one thing we hear the most with clients on their engagement session is “I’m so awkward”.  Whitney said this to me at the start of their engagement session and she couldn’t be further from awkward!  I think most of our clients have the uneasy feeling at the start of their engagement session just for the sheer fact that very few people over the age of 16 strut around their bedroom’s posing as they might have seen in a fashion magazine.. no judgement if you do though.  Go get ’em!

At the start of our sessions I try to set our client’s minds at ease by explaining what Jason and I will be doing during the session and making sure that if we set a pose that they feel awkward or uncomfortable to let us know.  Sessions should be fun and most couples.. well no.. all of our couples seem to leave with bigger smiles on their face than when we capture that first image of the day.

Whitney and Jeff were in town for a few days so we found some uncommon nooks and crannies in downtown Lancaster to capture some autumn, urban images.  I love, love, love both of their natural smiles and beaming personalities.  We’re going to have so much fun in 2014 on their wedding day!  Congrats you two!!

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Rachel & Brady Engagement

We’re often asked by potential clients if we travel for sessions.. simply YES!  We love to travel regardless of from Harrisburg to Lancaster, DC or out of state.  Many of our couples actually live outside of the central PA area which is awesome hearing about their experiences that have taken some out of the state or reasons they’re returning for his/her wedding day.

Rachel contacted us about her laid back yet serenely planned wedding in 2014 to her handsome husband to be, Brady.  Both currently residing in Washington, D.C., it was important to include their fur kid, 10 year old Cocker Spaniel Autumn, who was one of the sweetest pups we’ve ever photographed.  The location chosen was Meridian Park, which is stunning as far as city parks go with large ponds, fountains and structures.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day or a better couple to share it with.  Congratulations Rachel and Brady and see you guys next year!

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