Outside the Box!

I’m an avid fan of thinking outside the box… ‘if we put Scott six feet in the air on the ladder that Jason is holding and have him shoot one handed down on the bridal party… how would that look’.  Poor Scott and Jas do seem to be the company guinea pigs for testing new creative measures!  Outside the box… back on track Mel…  Rebecca and Mason are so my kind of people!  They’re hilarious, adorable together, and know how to customize a wedding to say “This is SO Rebecca and Mason!”.

Held at Regents Glen, this was one hell of a party and hands down the best non-traditional ceremony I’ve ever photographed.  Key points, aside from the amazing booth images, were the conversational mustaches, gorgeous first dance, and the ladies “Grapevine” dance.  Towards the end of the evening as I was making my rounds I noticed the dance floor was wet and had pieces of flowers strewn everywhere.  I asked Jas, ‘What happened to the flowers?’… ‘Mason happened!’ … ‘Oh…’  Thanks for such an entertaining time and be sure to call us when you have kids guys!

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Taking in a Ballpark!

Okay so having an entire baseball stadium to yourself is pretty freaking cool!  Shooting at an empty baseball stadium with Jacqueline and Nathan… even better!  Jacqueline and Nathan are HUGE baseball fans so when they came up with the idea of shooting at the York Revolution Park we were definitely salivating a bit!  Overall great shoot and amazing couple and even more excited for their March 2012 wedding!

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>Kayce & Brett


What an AWESOME couple! Both Kayce and Brett were fantastically photogenic and definitely shed a musical influence into each detail! Despite the smoldering humid day we were able to capitolize on the great elements found in the local church landscape.. i.e.. the detailed skate ramp! MMP wishes the two of you only the best!