Every Photographer Has Those Days!

Upon my venture out this morning I was deep in thought about today’s blog post… ‘hmmm… What to write, what to write…’ and then it hit me! Ladies and Gentlemen I saw the light. Unfortunately it wasn’t the light of an ingenious moment but the blue and reds of a Lower Paxton police officer.

For those who are close to the McClain’s, my dear and loving husband and I have a friendly wager back and forth of who has the most infractions with our fantastic law enforcement and right now I’m one under par, beating Jas in our little competition! I then start the game we all play of what exactly did he catch me doing? Was I speeding in the 25mph like I always do or did he catch me rolling that four way stop sign… Yes that has to be it.

Nope, completely wrong and guys I really should have known the answer to the ‘why did I pull you over today ma’am’ question I was about to get considering just two days ago in Philly got a love letter from the parking authority that Black Betty (aka Mazda) is out of inspection circa November 2011. Thankfully I have a five day police warning to get inspection complete rather than a nice hefty 300 dollar ticket which is my usual norm, however it was kinda ironic getting pulled over by the officer who had helped us prosecute a bad check claim just a few months ago.

Moral of the story… Be nice to your local law enforcement because the officer writing your ticket today could be the one supporting you someday… And if that fails you can take Jason’s approach of bribing with fried chicken or photography services.. “How about a free boudoir session Sir?… Oops I mean Ma’am!”